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Data sheet

Capacity, t (max.) 0,995
Max. height, m 11,3
Boom length, m (max.) 6,030
Boom length, m 2,590 - 6,030
Jib, m 1,876 - 4,111
Drive caterpillar
Engine Diesel / electric
Transport weight, t 2,370
Height 1,995 m
Width 0,750 m
Length 2,730 - 3,235 m, depending on configuration

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Minicranes Maeda MK1033C KNUCKLEBOOM 

The Maeda MK1033C minicrane belongs to type of cranes with critical arrow that does it unique in model range of products of the company.

The new mini-crane managed by the operator is intended for work in narrow passes, as well as other representatives of model range of MS, however it has serious advantage in the form of 6-section hydraulic arrow with changeable departure. It gives to the crane serious additional opportunities, facilitating implementation of many tasks as, for example, mounting of glasses in window frames, raising of pipes in limited space and mounting of Dormers and Velux blocks on roofs of buildings.

MK1033C is rather narrow to pass in standard doorway, its width only 75 cm, and height does not reach two meters. Total length of the crane does not exceed 280 cm, and weight – two tons that allows to transport the crane on the tow truck or the small truck or the minibus. The small critical arrow is expected 1 ton of the maximum hoisting weight, the maximum height of rise about 11,5 meters, horizontal departure of arrow of 10 meters that does the mini-crane extremely by the universal car.

The basic model is equipped with the diesel engine and is delivered with the fixed hook on the end of arrow. It allows to reduce distance between upper point of arrow and hook that is also very important during the work in limited space – for example, at installation of glasses in the building or during the work under the hanging parts of roof. In set also the winch is offered to make the crane even more universal at any performance of works. Other additional options turn on the gasoline engine or 380-volts electric motor, and also the advanced devices – for example, the GPS device.

Flexibility of the crane increases and changed by provisions of its support. Each support can be established in 7 different horizontal provisions, having chosen one of 6 provisions of length of support. This important functional feature is followed for the purpose of safety by the OGP built-in standard device which automatically stops the movement of arrow before achievement by it of the prohibited zones. It allows to stretch two support at all length along wall and at the same time to keep the maximum freedom of action from the opposite side of the crane.

MK1033C is equipped also with the display, latest, simple for understanding, which not only displays the provision of support and arrow, but also provides office information and is even supplied with the built-in user instruction. The new device of remote radio control with the proportional multifunction joystick also is included in the standard package.