New cranes

New crane distribution from from world leading manufacturers. Here you can buy new cranes from Tadano, Maeda, Kobelco, Atlas.

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  • Autocranes

    New autocrane distribution of any load-carrying capacity from world leading manufacturers in Ukraine. Here you can buy Tadano and Kobelco autocranes for you business with required characteristics.

  • RT Cranes

     Rough Terraine Cranes distribution of different lifting capacity and power. Here you can buy quality short based autocranes 

    Продажа самоходных крановых установок на пневмоколесном ходу (внедорожных короткобазовых автокранов) разной грузоподъемности и мощности. Здесь Вы можете купить качественные короткобазовые автокраны от Kobelco, Tadano и других мировых производителей.

  • Mini cranes

    Mini cranes Maeda is unique development that automates what has traditionally been done by hand because of the inability to deliver large equipment. They can be held in a standard doorway and are maneuverable and powerful cranes.

  • Crawler cranes

    Selling crawler cranes up to 600 tonnes, reliable in all conditions! The world's best manufacturers - Tadano, Kobelco, Demag, Liebherr and others.

  • Cargo cranes

    We offer for sale cranes manipulators of leading manufacturers (Tadano, Atlas) for a wide range of applications. In order to buy a crane arm, decide with the required load capacity, lift height and a maximum working radius - and we will help to find a suitable for your requirements crane manipulator.