Mini crane MAEDA MC405 CRM(E)

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Data sheet

Capacity, t (max.) 3,83
Max. height, m 16,5
Boom length, m (max.) 16,5
Boom length, m 16,5
Engine diesel
Transport weight, t 5,6
Height 1,98 m
Width 1,38 m
Length 4,98 m

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Maeda MC405 CRM(E) minicranes

The Maeda MC405 minicrane the most powerful pass the Maeda crane.

The additional molding ogee even more increases already impressive operating range (20,7 m). This fantastic model is also equipped with unique function of capture and transfer of load weighing up to 500 kg.

The standard complete set of the crane includes two running speeds (high and low), the programmable limiter of the moment, hydrostatic transmission, the centralized control system, automatic system of fixing of hook in non-working state, the inclination sensor signaling device, the powerful 2-speed winch and hydraulic disk brake.

Completely automated five-section telescopic arrow of pentagonal section from high-strength steel minimizes possibility of deflection and third-party deviations, and the manual remote control is included in the standard package of the crane (radio control - additional option).

Technical characteristics, description of Maeda MC405CRM(E):

Loading capacity 3,83 t x 2,7 m
Action radius 16 m x 210 kg
Rise height 16,8 m x 1130 kg
Dimensions 4980 mm x 1380 mm x 1980 mm
Weight 5,600 kg
Hook hoisting speed 10 m/min (18 m/min) (4 ropes, 4-layer winding)
Speed of winding of unary rope 40 m/min (72 m/min) (4-layer winding)
Lifting cable:  
diameter 8 mm
length 95 m
Arrow length 4,735 — 16,475 m
Telescoping speed 11,7 m / 54,2 (41,3) sec.
Angle of lead/speed 0 - 80 degrees / 21 (14,5) sec.
Turning angle/speed 360 degrees / 2,5 RPM (2,1 RPM)
System of outrigers (dimensions of the maximum position): 5786 mm (length) x 5118 mm (front part) x 5520 mm (rear)
Traverse speed 0 - 3,3 km/h
Ability to overcome rise 20 degrees
Land dimensions of caterpillar (length x width) 2100 mm x 320 mm
Pressure upon soil 49,0 (0,50) kPa (cm kg / quarter)
Rated power of the engine 21,8 kW / 2400 min.-1 (29,6 h.p. / 2400 RPM)
Fuel tank capacity 60 l
Electric motor quadriphase, 7,5 kW or 380 V