Mini crane MAEDA MC285 CRM(E)

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Data sheet

Capacity, t (max.) 2,82
Max. height, m 8,7
Boom length, m (max.) 8,7
Boom length, m 8,7
Engine diesel
Transport weight, t 1,96
Height 1470 mm
Width 750 mm
Length 2825 mm

More info

Maeda MC285 mini crane

The most popular model among all linear row.

Width of the body is 750 mm in collected state, impressive loading capacity is 2,82 t. The manual remote control is included in the standard package, radio control - additional option.

The limiter of the cargo moment allowing to establish borders of the working area is also included in the standard package of the crane of this model, as well as hydrostatic transmission, stepless switching of front and back run. The buzzer signal of inclination of the body warns about danger if the car is inclined more than by 3 degrees during the work with the crane or more than by 15 degrees at the movement.

The Maeda MC285 minicrane is equipped with specially developed caterpillar system facilitating maneuvering and the powerful winch with the disk brake for continuous use. Completely automated five-section telescopic arrow of pentagonal section from high-strength steel minimizes possibility of deflection and third-party deviations.

Technical characteristics, description of Maeda MC285CRM(E):

Loading capacity 2,82 t x 1,4 m
Action radius 8,205 m x 150 kg
Rise height 8,7 m x 550 kg
Dimensions 2715 mm x 750 mm x 1440 mm
Weight 1,770 kg
Hook hoisting speed 8 m/min (4 pulleys, 3-layer winding)
Speed of winding of unary rope 32 m/min (3-layer winding)
Lifting cable:
diameter 0,7 mm
length 48 m
Arrow length 2,535 — 8,575 m
Telescoping speed 6,04 m / 22 sec.
Angle of lead/speed 0 - 80 degrees / 14 sec.
Turning angle/speed 360 degrees / 1,0 RPM
System of outrigers (dimensions of the maximum position): (length) is 4580 mm x 4530 mm (front part) x 3810 mm (rear)
Traverse speed 0 - 2,2 km/h
Ability to overcome rise 20 degrees
Land dimensions of caterpillar (length x width) 975 mm x 200 mm
Pressure upon soil 0,45 kg / sq. cm (0,50 kg / sq. cm of CRME)
Rated power of the engine 6,57 kW / 2600 RPM
Fuel tank capacity 12 l
Electric motor size 5,5 kW 3 phases, 380 V