Mini crane MAEDA MC104 CER

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Data sheet

Capacity, t (max.) 0,995
Max. height, m 5,5
Boom length, m (max.) 5,3
Engine motor 5.5W, 4-phase, 380 V
Transport weight, t 1,05
Height 1,305 m
Width 0,6 m
Length 2,16 m

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MAEDA MC104 CER minicrane

MC104CER is the smallest crane from a series of Maeda minicranes, but nevertheless, differing in tremendous loading capacity in all the modifications. Its thin case with ease passes in a standard doorway, allowing to use it in places where standard cranes are inapplicable. Maeda MC104CER staffed of electric motor which works from any source of three-phase current.

Technical characteristics, description of Maeda MC104:

Loading capacity 995 kg x 1,1 m
Maximum working radius 5,1 m x 200 kg
Maximum height of rise 5,5 m x 650 kg
Dimensions (length x width x height) 1980 x 600 x 1305 mm
Car weight 1,050 kg
Movement speed 0 - 2,4 (0 - 1,9) km/h
Engine capacity 135,72 kW