Mini crane MAEDA LC785B

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Data sheet

Capacity, t (max.) 4,9
Max. height, m 16,35
Boom length, m (max.) 15,5
Boom length, m 15,5
Jib, m 5
Engine diesel
Transport weight, t 10,25
Height 2,75 m
Width 2,36 m
Length 5,02 m

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Caterpillar minicranes Maeda LC785 

The caterpillar Maeda LC785 minicrane with a loading capacity of 4,9 tons without use of portable support (outrigers). The option molding ogee supplements full package of this unique equipment.

Characteristics of the crane include completely automatic five-section telescopic arrow of pentagonal section, the longest in the class, the minimum turning radius of platform, the engine cover opening one pressing, the 2-speed winch, the protective cylinder of arrow for prevention of possible damages and ladle.

Completely pressurized and ergonomic cabin with the air conditioning system does work on the LC785B model crane just by pleasure.

This kran is leader in safety on building site in the class.

Technical characteristics, description of Maeda LC785M-6B:

Loading capacity 4,9 t x 2,1 m
Action radius 14,52 m x 200 kg
Rise height 16,35 m x 1400 kg (20,3 m x 430 kg)
Dimensions 5005 mm x 2350 mm x 2685 mm
Weight 10,250 kg
Speed of winding of unary rope 108 / 156 m/min. (four-layer winding)
Hook hoisting speed 27 / 39 m/min. (4 ropes, four-layer winding)
Lifting cable:  
diameter 10 mm
length 115 m
Arrow length 4,63 — 15,63 m
Telescoping speed 11 m / 24,5 sec.
Angle of lead/speed 2 - 80 degrees / 12,5 sec.
Turning angle/speed 360 degrees / 2,4 RPM
Traverse speed 0 - 2,5 km/h (0 - 3,8 km/h)
Ability to overcome rise 20 degrees
Land dimensions of caterpillar (length x width) 1870 mm x 450 mm
Pressure upon soil 46,8 kPa (0,48 kg / sq. cm)
Rated power of the engine 40,5 kW / 1850 RPM
Fuel tank capacity 141 l