Mini crane MAEDA LC1385B

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Data sheet

Capacity, t (max.) 6
Max. height, m 16,7
Boom length, m (max.) 16,1
Jib, m 5
Engine diesel
Transport weight, t 15,640
Height 2965 mm
Width 2450 mm
Length 6545 mm

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Maeda LC1385B minicranes

The Maeda LC1385B minicrane is the powerful innovative crane. This crane is standardly equipped with many advanced opportunities, including big loading capacity in 6 tons, arrow 16,26 meters long, additional molding ogee with carrying out at 0-60 °, video camera of rear view and ladle in front of the crane.

Very small area of working surface as it has no portable support is necessary for the crane of this model for work.

Here only some characteristics of the crane: completely pressurized cabin with the air conditioning system, the minimum turn of platform, hydrostatic transmission, the 4th shkivny/2-shkivny hook-block, the inclination sensor signaling device, the powerful 2-speed winch, hydraulic disk brake and automatic five-section telescopic arrow.

Loading capacity: 6,000 kg x 2.6 m

Max. working radius: 16:10 m x 430 kg

Max. height of rise: 16.70 m x 2600 kg

Molding ogee (additional option): 22 m x 820 kg

Capture and transfer of load: 2,000 kg

Dimensions: 6545 x 2490 x 2965 mm

Weight: 15,640 kg