Crawler crane KOBELCO SL4500G Standard Configuration

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Data sheet

Capacity, t (max.) 400
Boom length, m (max.) 96
Boom length, m 24 - 96
Drive caterpillar
Engine 320 kW

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KOBELCO SL4500G caterpillar crane (Standard Configuration)

Caterpillar cranes with lattice arrow of Kobelco SL4500 Standard Configuration are represented by model which is produced within the Kobelco program for modernization, re-equipment and optimization of all models of cranes with a loading capacity from 300 to 800 t. The maximum cargo moment of SL4500 makes 4700 tm, the maximum working height – 144 m (the main arrow – 84 m and the lifted molding ogee – 54 m or the main arrow – 78 m and molding ogee – 66 m).

Technical characteristics, description of Kobelco SL4500:

Loading capacity is maximum 400000 kg / 5,5 m
Arrow length 84 m
Maximum height of rise 144 m
Engine power 320 kW at 2000 RPM
Lifting cable 28 mm
Fuel tank 600 l
Oil volume in hydraulic system 710 l
Total weight of counterbalance 151 t
Total weight of the crane 310000 kg
Dimensions of caterpillar, length x width 10,52 x 1,22 m
Width 8,72 m