All terrain crane TADANO ATF130G-5

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lifting capacity of 130 tons, 5-axle

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Capacity, t (max.) 130
Max. height, m 93
Boom length, m (max.) 60
Boom length, m 12,8 - 60,0
Jib, m 3,8 - 32,0
Drive 10x6x10 (option 10x8x10)
Engine Mercedes (Euromot IIIA / EPA III) 390 kW (530 PS) / 129 kW (175 PS)
Transport weight, t 60
Height 3,99 m
Width 2,75 m
Length 14,909 m

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All terrain crane


The all-terrain Tadano ATF130G-5 crane has six-section 60-meter main arrow with one single cylinder in telescoping system providing arrow pulling at full length in 6,7 minutes. The folding extender from 10 to 18 m long is extended to 32 m, can lean back as mechanically, and by means of hydraulics. The ATF130G-5 model can be equipped with the 3,8-meter extender with a loading capacity of 40 t rejected by 20 or 40 degrees that is very convenient during the work with bulky loads. The chassis with management of all wheels will have the drive of configuration 10x6x10 or 10x8x10. Thanks to management of all wheels need to lift the central axis at simultaneous turn of wheels in one party disappears. In the crane taxi version in which axle loading does not exceed 12 t ATF 130G-5 with formula 10x8 is capable to transport to 6 t of counterbalance (which fully loaded mass makes 42 t). There is 10/18-meter extender, 63-ton hook-block and 10-ton swivel hook. In Great Britain the crane will be able to transport to 2/3 from full counterbalance., that is very convenient during the work with bulky loads.

Loading capacity: 130 t
Arrow: 12,8 m - 60,0 m
Molding ogee: 3,8 - 32,0 m
Max. height of lifting of loads: 93,0 m
Engine: Mercedes (Euromot IIIA/EPA III)
390 kW (530 PS)/129 kW (175 PS)
Transmission: ZF-AS-Tronic
Wheel arrangement: 10 x 6 x 10
Outline dimensions: Length: 14,909 m
Width: 2,75 m
Height: 3,99 m
Transport weight: 60 t