About company

LLC Crane Yukrein is engaged in sale, rent and service of construction equipment since 2001. We are official representatives of the Tadano, Kobelco and Maeda trademarks   in the territory of Ukraine. Also we closely cooperate with Atlas, Demag, Terex, Hitachi and other famous producers of cranes. So what brand the crane you would not choose, you can always expect high-quality consultations, guarantee, operational delivery, the help in training of personnel and interesting price offers.

We offer both the new, and being in the use equipment. In case of the last before delivery to clients we carefully check technical condition to exclude malfunctions and undermanning.

One more perspective direction of our activity is rent of cranes, to many enterprises is inexpedient to hold the crane which is required only for rather small period of time on balance.

If you doubt that it will be more rational – to buy the new crane which was in the use or to rent – we are always ready to help with calculations and selection of optimum model.

Among our clients as rather small enterprises, agricultural firms, construction companies, and large financial and industrial groups, which names at all very famous. Irrespective of the scale of business of our clients, we care for one – we help to pick up that model of the crane which is better and more favorable than others will solve the problems facing business.

Address – we will be glad to cooperation!

Sale of cranes

Sale and aftersales service of cranes is primary activity of LLC Crane Yukrein. You can buy truck cranes, caterpillar cranes, off-road truck cranes with short base, cranes manipulators and minicranes from the leading global manufacturers from us. Direct connections with suppliers and regional representations allow us to offer better in the market terms both on quality of service, and on the price.

We bring to your attention the new and being in the use cranes of production Tadano, Kobelco, Maeda, Demag, Atlas and Terex. Broad coverage of suppliers will help you to pick up ideally the decision for any kinds of works. Names of our partners speak for themselves, and you can expect appropriate level of the equipment and the service connected with its delivery.

Rent of cranes

LLC Crane Yukrein provides truck cranes, caterpillar cranes, off-road cranes and cranes manipulators of different bearing capacity for rent. Let's organize delivery to any region of Ukraine.

We have own park of equipment, and also relations with the European companies suppliers which can quickly deliver the necessary model of the crane to Ukraine are established.

To lease the crane, from you the following information will be required:

  • technical parameters;
  • the term of rent and on when is necessary the crane.

The cost of service miscalculates individually, proceeding from the listed above parameters, and also age and availability Ukraine of the car.


All cranes bought in "Crane Yukrein" have warranty period during which we free of charge rectify any faults and we help to organize work with new equipment correctly. Under the agreement with each customer, this term can be defined in months or machine-hours and is described in standards of manufacturing plant.

Besides, it is possible to order any spare parts to cranes of production Tadano, Kobelco and Maeda which official representatives we are from us. For other provided brands availability and possibility of parts delivery is discussed in individual order if the crane has been acquired not from us or from the moment of purchase there have passed more than five years.

For all equipment acquired from us operational guarantee and post warranty maintenance which conforms to high requirements of our manufacturing partners works.

Pay attention that we have always available expendables to truck cranes, minicranes, off-road, caterpillar cranes and cranes manipulators.